Light Environment Control

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Light Environment Control

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Quality Management

The Quality department of LEC performs technical and operational actions which ensure that all our products and services comply with the mandatory requirements.

Through internal audits and validation within the sampling Plan, we guarantee that all the activities are carried out properly and that the product is free of faults.

Business Quality

LEC considers verification of the product, services and processes as an integral part of the production control, by carrying out:

  • _ Inspections and tests of input materials.
  • _ Inspections during the production process.
  • _ Controls in the finished products.

Quality on the product

In compliance with ISO9001:2008 and because we are aware of the importance of the state of our equipment and instrumentation, LEC follows a Maintenance and Calibrations Plan that goes beyond the requirements of the standards.

  • _ Inventory Tracking.
  • _ Annual Calibration Plan.
  • _ Control of calibrations and product traceability.
  • _ Preventive and predictive maintenance of the equipment.